About me
Hey, I'm Chris! Originally from Germany and now based in Hamilton, New Zealand, I'm a mobile and web developer with a passion for UI/UX design. I started creating websites from scratch at the age of 13, later evolving from native iOS development to cross-platform mastery with Flutter. My experience as a lead full-stack developer at Mutu has honed my skills by creating an innovative asset management platform that was used by some of the biggest construction companies in New Zealand and nominated for multiple sustainability awards.
Beyond writing code, my life is a canvas of creativity — from playing music to being a freelance photographer, these passions have shaped me into an adept problem solver with a knack for organisation and self-management. Fluent in both German and English, I bring a global perspective and a relentless drive to innovate.
Selected Work
  • Mutu

    A modern assets management platform for the construction sector with a strong focus on sustainability. Giving users the ability to book equipment and share excess materials within an organisation. Used by some of the biggest construction companies in New Zealand and nominated for multiple sutainability awards Delivered as a web- and mobile application.
    Flutter, Firebase, Node.js, Algolia
  • PlaceMyApp

    An intuitive mockup generator designed to streamline the creation of phone mockups from app screenshots. This user-friendly tool offers customizable options, allowing users to modify colors, phone components, and other details to perfect their design. Upon completion, users can download their tailored mockups in various resolutions as PNG files, facilitating a seamless integration into their project workflows. Delivered as a web- and mobile application.
    Flutter, Appwrite
  • Golden Hour Calculator

    A mobile app crafted for photographers to identify optimal lighting conditions for photography. It allows users to select any date and location, including their current position, and enables notifications setup for ideal shooting times.
    Flutter, Supabase
  • Unwrapped

    A sophisticated mobile application designed to meticulously track and organize gift ideas. It enables users to catalog gift suggestions for their loved ones, incorporating a diverse array of information to maintain a comprehensive record. This app ensures that thoughtful gift-giving is effortless and well-coordinated, enhancing personal connections through organized and meaningful gestures.
    Flutter, Supabase
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